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We created Hello Newy East as a positive response to the disruptions that we have all been experiencing. It is about we businesses doing it for ourselves; supporting each other as we need it.

To date over 30 businesses have participated, with Lee’s wonderful photography and the development of a website by Jess. Each business has received more than 70 images for their own use, and promotion on our social channels.

For $250 you can be involved. The payment goes towards our professional photographer Lee to take your photos and our IT guru Jess for the maintenance of our web space and media presence. (Anne and Bec do it for the love of it!)


Your Hello Newy East Membership includes

Beautiful Photos

Bec and Lee (photographer @livecreativlee) will come to your business and work through the list you provide of images and experiences we need to capture to tell your story.  We will also take a bunch of off-the-cuff photo’s.  Just trust us, we just want to capture the energy, intent and joy of what you do.

Sharing Stories.

We will share the character and characters of your business on @hello_newy_east we want to tell people what you do, why you do it and why it’s so special.

Connecting Customers.

We will feature your business on a beautiful, responsive blog website, where you will be able to access and download high-res versions of your photos for your own promotional use. The website will also be accessible to the public, connecting the imagery and stories about Hello Newy East with new and returning visitors. The reciprocal shoutouts and images are used with acknowledgement to Hello Newy East, the Lee the photographer @livecreativlee and any other relevant business.

Social Shoutouts.

We will shout you out at every opportunity if there is an event or a celebration that your experience is relevant to and we have an image we can use, we will share it with our audience.

Connecting Community.

We are actively looking for opportunities to promote the East End, being part of our membership would mean you would be in our invitation list: International Woman’s Day story in HunterHunter, Mother’s Day activities, ‘Swept up’ and more to follow. Community building is at the heart of what we do.